The Spanner is a provocative newspaper in the mould of those read, argued and drafted around the punch bowls and in the coffee houses of Georgian London.

The Spanner takes its lead from the pamphlets and cartoons of Georgian London. From the mideighteenth century, the new mercantile class began to question the social order and received wisdom of pre-Industrial Revolution England with increasing outrage.

What Hogarth questioned and depicted with his brush, The Spanner seeks to report in words and cartoons. From the Clubs and parlours of London, it questions the prevailing received wisdom of the modern economy, society and culture. No answers are given or conclusions reached. It seeks only to shed a critical light in dark corners with wit, common sense and brevity.

Each issue is only four pages of quality broadsheet and articles are kept mercifully short.

The Spanner does not aim to please, only to amuse, publish the uncommon and be memorable.